78 Minimalist Social Media Icons (Round)

78 Minimal Icons for designers and developers. Suitable for both development and production websites, applications and graphics designs. 

Perfect Precision

These icons have been designed with precision in mind. Each icon has pixel-perfect alignment for those of you who notice the fine details.

78 Icons. 7 Sizes

Icons are available in PSD and PNG-24 format. All PNG icons have been saved in 7 ideal sizes. 35px, 40px, 45px, 50px, 55px, 60px and 65px.

The download link below contains all icons, ready to use and the .PSD files to allow you to customise them yourself.


Click for a full-screen view.


What’s what?

1. RSS, Facebook, Mail, Twitter, Myspace, ShareThis
2. Digg, Google+, LinkedIn, Flickr, Skype, Youtube
3. Quora, StumbleUpon, Houzz, Forrst, Technorati, Vimeo
4. LastFM, Blogger, Dribbble, Feedburner, Reddit, Bebo
5. Pinterest, Newsvine, Tumblr, WordPress, Soundcloud, Github
6. Spring.me, Vine, Photobucket, Medium, Bloglovin’, Yahoo
7. Xing, Instagram, AddThis, DeviantArt, Pheed, Sulia
8. Chirp, ThumbIt, Learnist, AskFM, Imgur, Ello
9. Sharebloc, Bubblews, Internet, Skyrock, WeHeartIt, Website
10. Flipboard, Steam, Dropbox, Comments, Call, Search
11. Android, Twitch, Yelp, Windows, Snapchat, Apple
12. Tinder, KiK, ooVoo, Slashdot, Viber, Whatsapp
13. Waze, Discord, Delicious, Periscope, Store, Amazon

Not Here?

Can’t find the icon you’re looking for? Leave a comment below and (if it’s popular) it will be added to the collection.


The icons are under the GPL3 Licence. You may use the icons wherever you wish, either personally or commercially for free.

If you give me credit, great! If you don’t give me credit, great! I don’t really care. However… I provide these icons for free. If you see anyone selling or otherwise distributing them email me at tom@tomswebspace.com.


Download “super-social-round.zip” super-social-round.zip – Downloaded 79995 times – 3 MB

68 thoughts on “78 Minimalist Social Media Icons (Round)”

  1. Thank you. This is the first website, where I found some innocent social media icons without getting into trouble or getting something, I didn’t ask for! You are my hero

    1. Wow what did you search for? There are a billion icon themes out there lol.

      I chose Tom’s because of his license.

  2. Very useful, thanks for sharing! They have worked really well on my website (www.davewarleyphotography) if you wanted to have a look. I was wondering if you would consider producing a http://www.500px.com logo in 65pixels size in this style? Thanks.

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