72 Minimalist Social Media Icons (iPhone)

NEW! Updated September 2015 – You won’t find more up-to-date icons!

Perfect Precision

These icons have been designed with precision in mind. Each icon has pixel-perfect alignment for those of you who notice the fine details.

72 Icons in 7 Sizes

Icons are available in PSD and PNG-24 format. All PNG icons have been saved in 7 ideal sizes. 35px, 40px, 45px, 50px, 55px, 60px and 65px.





The download link below contains all icons, ready to use and the .PSD files to allow you to customise them yourself.

Take a closer look

Click to view full-screen. This showcase displays the 65px icons.


What’s what?

1. RSS, Facebook, Mail, Twitter, Myspace, ShareThis
2. Digg, Google+, LinkedIn, Flickr, Skype, Youtube
3. Quora, StumbleUpon, Houzz, Forrst, Technorati, Vimeo
4. LastFM, Blogger, Dribbble, Feedburner, Reddit, Bebo
5. Pinterest, Newsvine, Tumblr, WordPress, Soundcloud, Github
6. Spring.me, Vine, Photobucket, Medium, Bloglovin’, Yahoo
7. Xing, Instagram, AddThis, DeviantArt, Pheed, Sulia
8. Chirp, ThumbIt, Learnist, AskFM, Imgur, Ello
9. Sharebloc, Bubblews, More, Skyrock, WeHeartIt, Website
10. Flipboard, Steam, Embed, Comments, Call, Search
11. Android, Twitch, Yelp, Windows, Snapchat, Apple
12. Tinder, KiK, ooVoo, Slashdot, Viber, Whatsapp


The icons are under the GPL3 Licence. You may use the icons wherever you wish, either personally or commercially without having to provide credit.

If you are using these icons in an open-source project however, which may be used by other people (e.g. a WordPress theme) pop a link to this post somewhere. I’d appreciate it!

I provide these icons for free! If you see anyone selling or otherwise distributing these icons please contact tom@tomswebspace.com. Thank you!

Download Here

Download “precision-iphone.zip” precision-iphone-1.zip – Downloaded 473 times – 2 MB

4 thoughts on “72 Minimalist Social Media Icons (iPhone)”

  1. Thank you for the icons, you just dont know how hard it is to find a complete social media set with Houzz. Thank you so much.

  2. It would even better if you could make these icons in squares, the rounded corners are nice but squares would look better on my site.

  3. Thank you for these icons. It is very difficult to find a matched set of icons that include Houzz.com… For our website Houzz has been very good to us and it’s great not to have to try to hunt down an oddball Houzz icon and try to make it match.

    The complete matched sets you offer are well worth paying for or make a donation for your time and effort.

    Thanks again.

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